What Client's Are Saying... Reviews


Female Client Age 28, Anxiety/ Eating Disorder/ Depression/ Attachment

   Therapist: Kathleen Traversari, LCSW-C
When I first walked into Kathleen’s office, I never could have imagined how different my life would be just a year later. In just a few sessions, I knew that I was speaking with a very intelligent woman with very up-to-date knowledge on a wide range of mental health topics. I also knew that I could talk about anything without judgement, and be met with compassion and wisdom.

She created a space for me to express myself, find my purpose, and helped me find the courage to make major changes in my life. I see a future for myself now, and I can enjoy the present moment, which is a priceless gift that I’ll always be grateful to her for.

 I can highly recommend Kathleen for whatever you need her for. Kathleen kicks all kinds of ass. She is pretty adorable, but also a fierce warrior-Joan-of-arc-knight-in-shining-armor type.    A++

Male Client Age 32, Depression/ Addiction/ Attachment

   Therapist: Kathleen Traversari, LCSW-C
I want to express my gratitude for what you have helped me and my family achieve. When I first came to you, I barely wanted to keep going. You helped me recognize the good parts about me and identify what I can change to improve my life. I can’t truly express the relief I feel now that my folks separation has taken place, but I can tell you that I feel lighter than ever before.  If this wasn’t addressed, I don’t know where I would be today. Your guiding light was without a doubt the biggest reason this all happened. I have never felt like a stronger family unit, ironically. I will continue to have a relationship with my step-father, but it can be on my terms now. That’s really what I wanted for him and I more than anything. I will always remember how you were able to help me and mine. Thank you

Female Client age 36, Depression/ Anxiety/ Domestic Trauma

   Therapist: Kathleen Traversari, LCSW-C

Kathleen has helped me rebuild my life with a better understanding of what led me to my breakdown. She helped me understand what an abusive relationship looks like and the effects this kind of relationship has on my way of thinking. Kathleen has helped me understand my history includes trauma and attachment injury, and she helped me with learning coping skills for dealing with life. Not only have I learned how to deal with difficult people, I have also gained a greater sense of who I am. 


Working with Kathleen I’ve learned how to control my emotions, and understand their connection to trauma. This has allowed me to have a better handle on my life, and I’m learning to live in a much healthier way. 

The progress I have made in the past two years has been amazing. I put my life back together with Kathleen’s help, and she inspired me to pursue a path to a fulfilling future. I am now in my fourth semester at Chesapeake college pursuing a degree in Mental Health.

My decision to want to help other women with similar experiences is what inspired me to want to pursue a career in mental Health. I am working on becoming a future LCSW-C, I have been on the Dean’s list every semester, and continue to maintain a high GPA. 

Overcoming life’s obstacles and working on becoming a better person with a greater understanding of my past so I can have a better future, is what Kathleen helps me with every week. 


Thank you for everything you have done

When I was shattered you taught me to open my heart
When I was filled with emptiness you gave me hope
When I saw only darkness you showed me the light
When I cried in pain you never judged me
When I was filled with fear and failure you gave me courage to face them
When I screamed doubts in my head you reassured me
When I thought life had no point you gave me reasons to go on
When I was filled with sadness you pointed out the joys that I have
When I saw nothing but hurt you helped me see the other side
When I held on to anger so strong you guided me to let it go
When I was filled with despair and doubt you listened
When I felt worthless you taught me what is important

Female Client, Age 35, Domestic Trauma/ Attachment/ Depression

   Therapist: Kathleen Traversari, LCSW-C
As I left our appointment last Thursday, I started thinking about what we discussed regarding the analogy ‘An individual’s self-growth is like a mirror’. In the amount of appointments we have had together discussing the chaotic and emotionally-reckless life I have  experienced, this last appointment was an integral factor into my own self-growth. I can now go about my life without feeling so incredibly insecure every second of the day. I wanted to write to you to give you a sincere thank you for all of your guidance and wisdom. It baffles me to look back on certain aspects of my life and think ‘Wow, was I really like that?’

I went into therapy thinking that I really needed guidance and a way to pull my life back together. It is so amazing to feel how liberated I am from my psychological issues that I was suffering through. I have seen myself grow exponentially, into the healthy woman that I once sought after my whole life. I always went into every day thinking ‘I want to be like this’ or ‘I’ll never be good enough to fit in with those people’; and now, because of your amazing gift of guidance, I never will have to feel like that again. I am happy to embrace who I am. I now have the tools to keep myself on the right track with life and will continue to enhance those tools more and more as I grow.

This is more than a thank you. You have completely changed my life around and I am so grateful to have met you. Thank you so much, Kathleen

Female Client, Age 49, Life Transitions/ Relationships/ Self-Esteem & Assertiveness
  Therapist: Kathleen Traversari, LCSW-C

I have been working with Kathleen for several years now.  My experience with her has been extremely helpful in my daily living.  She has taught me coping skills for dealing with my personal life.  She has also helped me to become more confident, independent and expressive with my thoughts and expectations of how I want my personal relationships to evolve.  Kathleen draws an amazing fine line between being professional and becoming a friend.  She truly enjoys what she does and her bottom line goal is to make sure at the end of each session that you have taken something worthwhile away!

Female Client, Age 42, Attachment / Mood Regulation / Parenting & Family / Empowerment & Entrepreneurialship

  Therapist: Kathleen Traversari, LCSW-C

Mere words are inadequate to describe how grateful I am to have Kathleen as my therapist. Kathleen is intelligent, thoughtful, fun, kind, and amazing. She has opened my eyes and my heart. She has given me the tools to be a better version of myself. She has taught me so much that has helped me be a better, wife, mother, friend, and person. I am forever graetful that the universe brought us together.